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Cost: $400 for 8-week session.

You may not have much control over the number of auditions you have, but you DO have control of what you do with those auditions. Get that callback and booking rate up!

Porter teaches a commercial audition workshop to help actors overcome what she calls the “vanilla veneer”…that generic, watered-down acting style that most actors use when auditioning for commercials. The goal is for students to learn to bring themselves to commercial auditions. Harder than it sounds, right? Porter will teach you techniques to help you get there.

Learn how to avoid “selling” in commercial auditions, how to ace those dreaded non-verbal auditions (it’s NOT just about a “look”), and how to handle yourself in the room during callbacks.  Guest speakers include casting session runners and successful working actors. Porter will share some common wisdom as well as some of her unorthodox ideas and, most importantly, will help you decide which methods work best for you as an individual.

Here is just a sampling of the many testimonials from former students:

“During Porter’s class I booked a national Coca-Cola commercial! This was honestly due to the specific audition technique she taught in class the night before!!” -Adrian F.

“I booked my first commercial while taking Porter’s class. And no, it wasn’t a coincidence.” -David L.

“Porter creates an environment that is supportive and fun, yet she still gives you complete honesty. She’s got an eagle eye for exactly what you need to tweak, and she works you until you get it right. I watched as she brought out things in other actors I didn’t even know they were capable of. This class was worth every single penny and should be on the “Must Do” list of any actor serious about their career.” -Kate D.

“Porter, I just wanted to thank you again. I had my first commercial audition since taking your class…and I booked it! It’s a national! Thanks so much for all your help…I couldn’t have done it without you.”
-Kimberly L.

“Porter’s class is amazing! She has a true gift and amazing insight that will help you book the job.”
-Peter B.

“One of the biggest things I got from the class was ‘bringing more of myself’ to the audition/copy, instead of trying to be someone else. I used this right away and have had great results in auditions, and am enjoying myself more as well! I have taken several other commercial classes over the years, and Porter gives inside information that I have never gotten from any of the other big name teachers—on either coast. I actually booked an independent film shortly after the class, and I know Porter’s class really helped me in the audition. Actors of all levels: take this class! “
-Susan P.

“I bounced around Los Angeles for years, never quite sure what I was doing wrong. Seven years in the city, I had only been able to get in to see one agent. I couldn’t get my foot in the door and was convinced it was because I wasn’t a “Hollywood Type”. And then I took Porter’s class. It is now the end of the course and I have four appointments to meet with commercial agents. I feel in control of my craft and confident in what I ‘do’.” -Kate D.

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Q: Is there an on-camera aspect to the class?

A: Weeks 5-8 are on-camera. Part of Porter’s technique is to remove awareness of the camera then reincorporate it, so the first 4 weeks are not recorded.

Q: If I miss a class, can I make it up?

A: Yes, up to two classes can be made up in another session, when available.

Q: Do you allow prospective students to audit a class?

A: Unfortunately, Porter does not allow auditors or guests in the 8-week course. She feels that having strangers present in the room is disruptive to one of the goals of the class, which is making students less self-aware. While absolutely understanding the value of auditing, Porter feels that her first priority has to be her current students.  However, she is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: You may pay with cash, check or money order. You may also pay with a credit or debit card via PayPal. A deposit of $50 is due upon registration, and the balance is due on the first day of class.

Q: Where are classes held?

A: Classes are usually held at:
Annie Grindlay Studio
7461 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036